Areas of competence

Engine and vehicle filters & replacements

For the protection of people and machines

Whether transport, agrotechnology, construction machinery or material handling, we have the right filters.

Industrial dust and oil mist filtration

Individual solutions for the industry

Our applications provide precise protection against industrial dust, oil mist, welding fumes ...

Process filtration

Clean solutions, clean analyses

We protect processes and products. From automotive and chemical to food and beverage to marine and aviation and much more ...


High purity where strong forces act

Our filtration solutions ensure high purity levels in hydraulic fluids.


Air as life elixir

We supply your rooms and cleanrooms with the best air. Filtered, cooled, heated, humidified or dehumidified - depending on your requirements.

Compressed air / pneumatics

Clean and dry or free of oil aerosols

We filter dirt particles such as dust and soot, water vapor, oil vapors, solvent vapors and many other substances before compression.

Case studies and technical articles

Competence and experience

Our expertise is tailor-made filtration solutions for industry - from industrial dust filtration and process filtration to air conditioning, hydraulics and compressed air. Here you can gain insights into our projects and expertise.

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