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Cleanliness class management

Cleanliness class management

Cleanliness analyses in the automotive industry

Technical cleanliness testing is an essential step in the quality control of the component parts used in modern vehicle production. As is generally known, metallic and non-metallic particles remain on the surface of the built-in elements during their manufacture. These particles may cause wear processes e.g. in an engine or gearbox. Additionally, particles adhering to the components may cause electrical short circuit.

Cleanliness class management

Cleanliness tests are defined in standards such as ISO 16232 or the better known VDA 19 standard. In this standard, there are four examination procedures under the extraction procedure: agitation, pressure rinsing, ultrasonic rinsing and test bench. The equipment we sell can be used for three of the four processes mentioned above (the agitation process is an exception). The first step after selecting the appropriate equipment is the removal of impurities and particles with the appropriate extraction method, followed by an evaluation, usually by means of gravimetric and microscopic methods. 

IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. offers you a complete solution:

  • Laboratory planning: Our ventilation engineering department undertakes the planning, implementation and maintenance of supply and exhaust systems of laboratory spaces.
  • Extraction plant: We offer different machines that are best suited for the dimensions of the components involved and for the task. PALL PCC cleanliness cabinets are no longer produced, but the IMEX DSS series is already successfully in operation as an adequate system.
  • Pall PCC XS      IMEX DSS1
    Pall PCC S        IMEX DSS2
    Pall PCC M       IMEX DSS3
    Pall PCC L
    Pall PCC XL
    Pall PCC FR
  • Microscope: We offer package deals as part of the international cooperation between Pall and Leica (link data sheet) for complete purity testing.
  • Other tools: drying cabinet, analytical balances, washing liquids, membrane filters, etc.

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