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IMEX Resin Bonded filter elements - Finding solutions is our strength!

IMEX Resin Bonded filter elements - Finding solutions is our strength!
Our daily motivation: to find solutions for you!

Since resin is an increasingly scarce and increasingly expensive raw material, many well-known manufacturers have taken these filters out of their range and tried to offer alternatives. Many processes could be converted to conventional filter materials, but not all. Users who could not use alternative materials found more and more difficult to deliver suppliers at calculable prices. Months of waiting and uncertain prices shaped the current market situation. At the customer's request, IMEX Filtertechnik took on this issue in spring 2021 and, together with a specialized partner, developed a reliably available product at a fair, marketable price.

IMEX Resin Bonded filter elements - Finding solutions is our strength!
Reasonable delivery time, reliable prices

Thanks to our new suppliers, we can bring the delivery time of resin-bonded filter elements back to the usual level of around 8 to 12 weeks instead of the last 9 months or more. Another advantage is that we can also respond constructively to customer requests and, for example, can also realize special elements with 3" outer diameter and 50" length.

And last but not least, IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded filter elements are available at fair, market prices. We would be happy to send you an individual offer.
The IMEX Filtertechnik Group is known for its solution-oriented service. It is our daily motivation to look outside the box for our industrial customers and to offer tailor-made solutions.

If you need our IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded filter elements, please contact us. We are happy to advise.

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Product information: IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded Filter elements

IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded filter elements are manufactured at the highest international standards. Polyester fibres of controlled diameter and phenolic resin are bonded together by a proprietary process to ensure highest quality of the IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded filter element.

This proprietary process ensures that the filtration pores between the fibres are more open near the outer surface of the cartridge, and become progressively smaller towards the core of the cartridge. This graded density construction enables the cartridge to trap coarser particles near it’s outer surface, while finer particles are trapped nearer the core.
IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded filter elements provides exceptionally good particle removal efficiency which is the outstanding feature of the IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded filter. The rigid design of the construction also ensures that under high pressure differentials the cartridge will not deform.

The IRB - IMEX Resin Bonded filter cartridges grands a consistent and unvarying micron rating throughout it’s filter life. It does not suffer from the deteriorating filtration efficiency and dirt unloading which occurs on filter cartridges of softer construction. The special design of the grooves highly increases the filter cartridge surface area by factor 2. This ensures superior life times because of the high dirt holding capacities of the filter elements and the possibility to use a smaller sizing of the elements which results by the end in lower costs.

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