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Optimum occupational safety thanks to push-pull systems

Optimum occupational safety thanks to push-pull systems

The intake openings are placed at a height of 4 to 5 meters, and the filtered air is returned on the opposite side of the hall. The required air exchange rate, is provided by the distribution of several Filtercube units.


  • minimum space requirement
  • Pipelines remain in the easily tradable diameter range
  • optimal distribution of air movement
  • Filter systems according to DIN EN ISO 15012-1 for air recirculation IFA certified
  • Heating cost savings due to warm air circulation

Field report from the Bombadier plant

We were able to install the first push-pull system at Bombardier Transportation Hungary Kft. in Mátranovák in 2011.
Read the testimonial of our customer here:
"We use push-pull systems in all three halls. Of course, the operation of an extraction system is only good if the employees are informed immediately and react as soon as it is out of operation.
During maintenance, the considerable amount of airborne dust and fine dust that accumulates in the filter housings proves the importance and efficiency of the filter system. In our halls, the biggest dust loads are generated by the grinding machines but also by fine dust during welding.

Our employees quickly accepted the push-pull system and pay great attention to its functionality. At the latest during the first maintenance, the necessity and the functionality were recognized. It has greatly reduced the amount of fugitive dust compared to previous conditions. The effectiveness of the equipment was also positively confirmed by the occupational health and safety inspector.
Of course, the push-pull system was no small investment, but one that should be made by any company that cares about the health of its employees. Fortunately, at Bombadier, that's a concern of the company's management.

Ferenc László, foreman of the maintenance department

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