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Unique technology in the field of cleanliness class cabinets

Unique technology in the field of cleanliness class cabinets

In 2022, a long-standing customer from the automotive industry commissioned us to install a customized IMEX DSS3 series cleanliness class cabinet in their laboratory. The weight of the component to be tested made it necessary to install a lifting arm. This also simultaneously facilitates the rotation and positioning of the part during the test.

About the operation of the cleanliness class cabinet IMEX DSS3

The cabinet is equipped with a certified clean room. This ensures, through the built-in HEPA filter, that no external impurities enter the system during the test that could affect the measurement. The separation of particles from the component surface takes place in a closed system by means of a circulating liquid. The liquid is permanently cleaned by the integrated filter sets with a high degree of separation.

Unique technology in the field of cleanliness class cabinets

Larger display - new management software

The 10-inch touchscreen display makes testing even easier and more efficient. The brand new software also enables many new settings and monitoring parameters for the user.

Air ionizer for testing without electrostatic charge

In the case of high-quality components, such as those used in the construction of electric cars, it is particularly important that the specimen remains mountable after testing. For this reason, it is now possible in our cabinet to remove the particles with ionized air in addition to the solvent-based or aqueous processes used to date. This technology is unique on the market and is currently only offered in IMEX Filtertechnika's extraction systems.

Continuous professional development - workshop

Cleanliness testing has become an absolute priority for the automotive industry in recent years. Machine manufacturers are constantly upgrading their equipment to meet the latest technical standards. IMEX Filtertechnika therefore also regularly organizes specialist days on cleanliness testing to present the latest developments to our customers. Furthermore, interested parties can get to know and test our IMEX DSS cleanliness class cabinets in our showroom in Sopron.

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