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Our customer, an international company in the energy sector, asked us to supply a large quantity of double changeover filters in 100% leakage-free design for use in an ATEX environment. The filters must be certified for various international standards and be manufactured in antistatic technology.

Stainless steel double change-over filter in ATEX design with "zero-leakage-technology"

Together with our long-standing strategic partner Filtrec, we exclusively offer a series that meets the complex requirements in power plants and refineries. The focus is on the increased requirements for safety, availability and defined degree of cleanliness.

In addition, the economic efficiency and service life of the components as well as the prevention of plant shutdowns in complex industrial plants are of essential importance. The duplex configuration ensures operational safety by allowing switchover during operation. Even if an element needs to be replaced or serviced, the flow can be easily diverted from one side of the housing to the other using the changeover valve.


Typical applications:

  • Lube oil filtration
  • fuel filtration
  • Water filtration and all process compatible fluids.

This series is available for the following pressure equipment codes and designs:

  • ASME VIII - U-stamp
  • PED 2014/68/EU
  • TR CU EAC 010/2011
  • API614

Technical specification "zero-leakage-technology"

  • zero-leakage 3-way double ball valves
  • full bore
  • antistatic technology to prevent electrostatic discharge
  • beta-tested elements according to ISO 16889 multipass test
  • certification of materials EN10204 type 3.1

This series is also available as a single filter of the SOX type.
IMEX and Filtrec take care of the worldwide distribution.

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