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Clean and dry or free of oil aerosols

Compressed air / pneumatics

Compressor & Vacuum Pump Filters

Whether air compressor or vacuum pump - a clean system is of high importance for performance, energy efficiency and product lifetime. All of our intake air filters, lube oil filters and air/oil separators meet the highest quality requirements, such as high separation efficiency, pressure stability, long service life and easy servicing.

Compressed air preparation

The right compressed air preparation significantly reduces downtimes or machine failures. Clean and dry compressed air is required both in machines and as a process medium. In all areas of application, compressed air must meet certain technical conditions and be conditioned.

Condensate treatment

Condensate is produced almost everywhere in the entire compressed air treatment process. It is usually oily, contaminated with dirt particles and spreads throughout the compressed air network. Our experts can help you prevent and eliminate condensate from compressed air to achieve the best quality for your application.

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