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Compressor & Vacuum Pump Filters

Compressor & Vacuum Pump Filters

Air compressors/compressors and vacuum pumps are high-precision units that are very sensitive to dirt. Clean systems are therefore the key to long operating times and reliable function.

As a rule, three types of filters are used in combination.

  • Air filter
  • Oil filter and
  • Oil-air separators

For compressors or vacuum pumps that are usually oil-lubricated, special focus will be placed on the oil filters to prevent contamination of the system. Whether screw-on or replaceable elements, they must ensure a high degree of separation, high pressure stability and easy servicing. 

Compressor & Vacuum Pump Filters

Separators or also called air oil separators are an indispensable part of the filter system, because the generation of compressed air by means of oil-lubricated compressors inevitably causes oil to get into the compressed air. The air oil separators have the important task of separating the oil from the air.

With well-functioning separators, you protect your compressors from excessive pressure losses and at the same time also reduce the maintenance costs of your compressed air system.

The ambient air used by the compressor is full of all kinds of contaminants - from dust to gas, bacteria and much more. After compression, the concentration of these pollutants per m³ of air increases and causes further damage. Only high-quality air filters can ensure clean air for your compressors.

IMEX Filtertechnika carries the replacement filter elements and separators commonly used in Europe from well-known brand manufacturers. This means that you can rely on the highest dirt-holding capacity, the highest separation efficiencies and low disposal costs. 

Through our sister company, IMEX Szerviztechnika, we are also pleased to offer maintenance and service of all common compressed air treatment systems.

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