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Condensate treatment

Condensate is produced everywhere in the application of compressed air. During the suction and compression of the ambient air before compression, but also in the course of compressed air treatment through filtration and drying. This condensate can be more or less contaminated and must be treated and cleaned accordingly before it can be discharged.  

Of course, contaminated condensate can be disposed of via specialized companies, but it is just as easy to treat the condensate yourself using appropriate systems. This saves you the permanent disposal costs, which means that your own treatment systems usually pay for themselves in a very short time.
In addition to water and dirt, condensate also contains acids and alkalis and more or less oil, depending on the type of compressor (oil-lubricated or oil-free).

Condensate treatment

Steam trap without pressure loss

Efficient and intelligent condensate drainage is the only way to avoid unnecessary costs and damage in compressed air generation. Condensate must be drained frequently, and conventional traps are susceptible to pressure loss. Electronic traps prevent exactly that and minimize the loss of valuable compressed air.

Excluded from electronic steam traps are of course all applications in hazardous areas. For this purpose, IMEX Filtertechnik offers state-of-the-art pneumatically controlled float traps such as the Donaldson UFM-P (link data sheet).

Condensate treatment
Oil-water separator

Condensate contains an average of 5% oil content, which is hazardous to the environment and must not be discharged into wastewater without treatment. The legally prescribed limit value is a maximum of 20 mg/l (measured according to DIN EN ISO 9377-2) or even considerably lower according to regional requirements. Oil-water separators from renowned international manufacturers meet these requirements, reduce the
disposal costs and protect the environment.

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