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Filter products

Filter products

1. coarse filters

Often, coarse filters such as synthetic filter mats, coarse dust bag filters or filter cells are the first stage of a filtration system to protect higher quality fine dust filters.

coarse filter types

Filter products

2. fine filters

Minipleat filter cells, compact filters, synthetic and glass fiber pocket filters are very often used as final filters or as fine filters in high purity environments.

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Filter products

3. HEPA filters

HEPA filters are used wherever it is necessary to ensure a defined air purity for the protection of people and/or manufacturing processes.

HEPA filter types

Filter products

4. adsorption filters

Adsorption filters are mostly made of activated carbon. This is a fine-grained carbon with a large internal surface area that is used as an adsorbent in the chemical, medical, water and wastewater treatment industries, among others. They primarily protect indoor spaces from gaseous pollutants or prevent their emission into the circulating air. EN 16798-3 recommends the use of adsorption filters.

Activated carbon consists mainly of carbon (mostly > 90%) with a highly porous structure. The internal surface area is between 500 and 2000m²/g carbon.

Filter products

The following types are distinguished:

  • Activated carbon granules. Depending on the application, a special impregnation of the activated carbon is possible.
  • Plastic or metal activated carbon cartridges
  • ISO ePM1 60 % pocket filter with activated carbon filter medium
  • ISO ePM1 65 % compact filter with activated carbon filter medium

Filter products

5. spray-paint cabins

A flawless paint finish can only be achieved in an environment that is free of impurities. With special filters, you protect every phase of the painting process.

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Filter products

6. mounting frames and filter housings

Installation frames are used for leak-free mounting and fixing of air filter elements in existing filter systems.

The universal frames which allow the use of filter inserts of all makes and types are supplied complete with matching gasket and the required contact springs or contact screws. The frames are available in galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel.

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