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Suction line filters

The suction line filter primarily ensures that only cleaned oil reaches the pump. We effectively protect the pump by using suction line filters correctly. Pumps react very sensitively to excessive negative pressure, so the suction line filter must be properly designed.

Return line filters

Return flow filters are very versatile in use and are therefore available in a very wide range. Our partners are the most renowned international manufacturers such as Filtrec, Donaldson and Filtration Group. Return line filters provide long service life and extended maintenance intervals, thus both preventing production downtime and keeping operating costs as low as possible.

Pressure filter

Optimally used pressure filters from the world's best manufacturers enable effective protection of sensitive hydraulic components. We have in our portfolio the full range of low, medium or high pressure filters, in many different filter media, designs or installation types.

Breather filters

In all industrial sectors, tank ventilation and breather filters are important to protect sensitive liquids. We distribute products of all well-known manufacturers for both initial equipment and replacement elements - we will also find the right product for your requirements.

Off-line units

Cleaning tanks, extending service life, protecting filters, ensuring cleanliness classes: The applications for off-line filtration are many and often in addition to the existing system filter and for filtration when filling the oil tank. We offer mobile units from 10 L to 500 L per minute with different filter finenesses to achieve the ISO cleanliness class you need.


We also supply you with the important accessories for your hydraulic system. They ensure correct cleanliness in the hydraulic circuits and increase the performance of the plant. Our range includes, for example, electrical or optical contamination indicators, pressure gauges, vacuum meters, sight glasses, screw caps with additional functions and much more.


In addition to customer consulting and independent recommendation of filtration solutions, our focus is on services. Analyses, measurements, tests, maintenance and the rental of equipment are part of our service offer. Measure instead of estimate: We help you achieve efficient use of filtration solutions, more occupational safety and environmental protection through inspection, maintenance, calibration and testing.

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