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Industrial dust and oil mist filtration

Extraction systems

The aim of extraction systems is to remove fine dust and suspended dust as close as possible to the point of origin. From a size of less than 1 μm ( = 0.001 mm), particles no longer sink but remain permanently in a suspended state. This includes, for example, dust and oil mist from metal processing. It is necessary to protect people and machines from them.

Dust collectors from Donaldson

At IMEX, we have been Donaldson's exclusive partner for many years for precise and customized filtration systems for industrial dust and filtration. No matter what your industrial filtration needs are, we have the right solution for you. With many years of experience, we offer you outstanding products for filtration efficiency, energy and cost savings.

Donaldson oil mist filter

In addition to dust collectors, Donaldson Torit® products are our preferred systems for all types of vapor and mist filtration in the metalworking industry. Mist can be many things apart from water vapor such as vapors from heated oil or heated emulsion (water-oil mixture). The accumulation of tiny suspended droplets forms what is known as oil mist, which, without proper separators, settles all over the shop floor and machinery, affecting performance and endangering employee health.

Filter systems from TEKA

The German TEKA GmbH has also been a partner of IMEX for many years. From our point of view, the strength of TEKA systems lies primarily in the area of room air and comprehensive health protection for employees. The product range includes serial mobile and stationary extraction systems and filter systems, state-of-the-art special room air solutions, special designs but complex system solutions for the cutting industry.

JACOB pipe systems

Since 2008, IMEX Filtertechnika has been the exclusive partner for JACOB pipe systems in Hungary. The German family-owned company is the market and innovation leader in Europe for pipe systems based on the modular principle and with clamping ring connections. Whereas JACOB pipes used to be considered specialists for bulk material handling, the company's field of application has continuously expanded in more than 90 years of company history. Today, dedusting and exhaust air systems as well as environmental technology are the focal points in addition to the food and pharma industry.


IMEX FMS: Our "Remote Filter Monitoring System" is a remote measuring system that can be flexibly connected to various systems such as ventilation, air conditioning and filter units. However, it was primarily developed for remote monitoring of our installed dust removal, ventilation and filtration systems. FMS is our contribution to Industry 4.0


In addition to independent product consulting, our strength is above all the wide range of services we offer. Surveying and planning, 3D scanning and modeling, service and maintenance as well as a good availability of spare parts make the decisive difference to conventional suppliers. At IMEX Filtertechnik Group you will not only receive filtration solutions from the most renowned international manufacturers, but also a professionally experienced analysis and expert advice to always look for the best solutions for you, independent of the product.

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