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Food and beverages

IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. meets all the quality requirements of the food industry and is happy to meet the challenges of this industrial field. No matter what filtration technology is required, the solution is certainly in our product range.
Areas of application in the food industry:

  • Membrane filtration before filling stations and their prefiltration (wine, sparkling wine, mineral water, soft drinks, spirits)
  • Prefiltration before sterile and filling stations
  • Process filtration of dairy products
  • Cleaning filtration
  • Micro- and ultrafiltration
  • Filtration before dosing systems
  • Filtration of process water
  • Aeration filtration
  • Laboratory equipment and resources

Pharmaceutical industry

Hygiene, quality and consumer protection are of crucial importance in pharmaceutical processing, but so are resource conservation and resource recovery. The cost of valuable ingredients is constantly rising with simultaneous shortages. Product recovery and efficient filtration performance are therefore crucial to reduce operating costs to a minimum.
IMEX Filtertechnika has a broad product portfolio for steam, sterile air and liquids with the highest requirements for purity and protection for critical pharmaceutical processes at low operating costs.

Applications in process filtration

  • Microbiological sterile filters for liquids
  • Particle separator filters for liquids
  • Sterile filter for gases
  • Filter housing designs
  • Technical support and validation services (compatibility; extractables and leachables; adsorption studies, PWIT (BP); viability and bacterial retention studies, etc.)
  • Integrity test equipment and service

Power Plants / Power Systems

This means the filtration of water, oil and gases into any section of the energy production. This requires maximum reliability and performance at the same time as reducing operating costs and plant downtime.

The customers of Imex Filtertechnika Kft. produce electricity from fossil, nuclear or renewable sources and can always rely on the optimal filtration of water, oil or gas.


  • Particle filter for gases
  • Coalescer filter systems
  • Hydraulic filter systems
  • Water filter systems

Renewable energies

Renewable energy sources are understood to be basic materials or natural deposits from which energy can be obtained several times a day and which reproduce themselves in the short to medium term without human intervention.

The best-known renewable energy sources are solar, hydro and wind, but they also include biomass, geothermal, bioethanol and biodiesel fuels.

Wind energy

The promise of pure and unlimited wind energy, poses many technical challenges to the design and construction of windmill attachments. On the one hand, the components should be lightweight and compact, on the other hand, the service life should be as long as possible in order to survive in a demanding environment.

Areas of application of windmills:

  • Filtration of hydraulic systems to protect against wear and clogging
  • Lightweight filtration systems
  • Air filtration against pollution particles
  • Transmission oil filtration
  • Oil Condition Monitoring


High-quality filtration and separation technologies play a major role in the production of biodiesel fuels. To ensure that the end product meets all the stringent requirements prescribed, excess water and contamination must be eliminated in the manufacturing process.


  • an effective separation of glycerol and glycerol
  • ensuring efficient separation of H2O and bioethanol
  • the neutralization of chemicals and the reduction of washing water
  • the reduction of time and space for sedimentation
  • the reduction of the required energy
  • High purity and particle-free glycerin

and as a finished product, high quality and particle-free biodiesel.

Production stages:

  • The separation of contaminants (particles) from the liquid
  • Liquid / Liquid coalescer for two phase separation (Glycerol or
  • Qualitative modules for the filtration of purified glycerol
  • Reverse osmosis plants for water filtration

Solar energy

This industry sector is naturally rather small due to the exclusive basic material silicon. Through the modern "silicon recovery system" with the help of high-quality filtration technology, a great progress has been achieved for the solar energy and semiconductor industries.
On the one hand, filtration achieves maximum profitability in production and, on the other hand, minimizes problems.

Areas of application:

  • Refining and purification of metallurgical silicon
  • Industrial water and silicon recovery
  • Chemical filtration of the circulating bath
  • High-flow chemical filtration in relation to thin-film solar cell production

Industrial production

For reliable operation of industrial plants - regardless of whether they are permanently installed or mobile - it is necessary to achieve a precisely defined degree of purity for hydraulic, cooling and lubricating fluids. Maintaining the specified degree of purity increases the service life of the equipment and fluids on the one hand and reduces costs on the other. IMEX Filtertechnika analyzes the filtration problems on site and the fluids in the laboratory in order to offer you suitable filtration systems and solutions.
Special requests and special requirements sometimes also need very individual systems, which our technical experts develop tailor-made or convert existing systems accordingly.

For the selection of the most suitable agent and the optimal filtration mode, we can offer our customers our rental equipment park. Thus, after a successful test cycle and after evaluating the results, the best solution can be chosen.

This customer-oriented flexibility makes IMEX Filtertechnika preferred partner of automotive suppliers, plant and machinery manufacturers, and the metal industry.


Chemical industry

The extraordinary conditions of this industrial sector, such as high temperatures, operating pressures and corrosion, as well as the variety of media, demand the entire diversity of filter materials, filters and filter systems in order to develop and economically use perfect filtration systems.
Imex Filtertechnika supplies the appropriate products and services to meet the permanent demand for a reduction in operating costs. Well-known companies for oil and gas transport plants, mineral oil treatment, gas and chemical industry as well as in the polymer processing, trust IMEX for filter, separation and or cleaning technology products.


The most common applications of the chemical industry:

  • Chemistry: aromatic derivatives; (chemical tank filtration) chemical tank filtration; chlor-alkali; dyes and pigments; halogenated organics; nitrogen industry; hydrogen peroxide; silicone-based products; ethylene; specialty chemicals.
  • Oil & Gas: LNG operations; oil and gas production operations; oil services; gas-water separation; gas filtration
  • Olefin / polyolefin: ethylene glycol; ethylene oxide, propylene oxide
  • Refineries: Amine treatment units; catalysts; product mix; water and wastewater treatment plants; fuel gas burner nozzle protection; water treatment; heat exchanger protection.
  • Polymer: polycarbonates, polyethylene, polypropylene, polysulfone, engineering resins, reactor prefiltration; liquid polymer filtration; nylon salt prefiltration.

IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. meets a wide range of purity requirements with the help of its products and many years of experience in the fields of filtration and separation.


Water treatment

Water is the basis of all ways of life in the world. Especially the limited availability of clean drinking water is of great importance. Filtration of water is the oldest and most common form of water treatment, after water occurring in nature can rarely be used directly as drinking water or as water for technical applications.

Industrial applications:

Household applications:

  • Water treatment with softening systems
  • Water filter elements
  • Water filter housing
  • Protective filter for pumps

Imex Filtertechnika enables water of the highest purity and safety for its users.



Manufacturers of a wide variety of components and parts in the automotive and automotive supply industries rely on the technical know-how of IMEX experts for their filtration needs. In this industrial sector, we are active in all areas and with all our departments in a multidisciplinary manner. In addition to and dust, oil mist and fume filtration, we focus on hydraulic, air/oil separation, compressed air and gases in filtration applications for manufacturing processes.

We meet the increasingly stringent requirements placed on supply chains in the automotive industry in terms of environmental protection standards but also component purity through highly sensitive filter performance.

Examples of applications in process filtration:

  • Cleanliness class measurement and its determination
  • Technical cleanliness
  • Water treatment for ultrapure water
  • Filtration of washing liquids
  • Compressed air and gas treatment


Ever smaller devices are presenting the manufacturers of semiconductors, microchips and the like with ever greater challenges. Purity in all manufacturing processes is essential, and the filter market also offers ever higher-quality products.

We develop filtration solutions for our customers for gas and liquid applications in factories, on tools and at various locations to permanently meet the increasing requirements. Our customized filtration solutions provide a high level of protection wherever critical processes could be affected and reduce production yield.


  • Water treatment incl. prefiltration
  • Technical cleanliness
  • Process gas filtration
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