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JACOB pipe systems

JACOB pipe systems
JACOB pipe systems

As planners and implementers of industrial extraction and filtration systems, we have many years of practical experience regarding the flexibility, plannability and many advantages of the JACOB system. Since 2008, the Imex Filtertechnik Group has been one of the first companies in this field to offer 3D planning and planning assistance. Based on the 3D models, we can discuss all proposed solutions with our customers and find the most efficient ways for piping.

In all areas where raw materials and products are transported or contaminated air is extracted, JACOB's installation-friendly pipe systems are an advantage. Due to their high quality, compactness and versatility, they are particularly appreciated in the following areas:

JACOB pipe systems
  • Bulk material conveying

The transport of bulk materials places particularly high demands on the pipe system. JACOB pipe elements are ideal for use in the food or pharmaceutical industry and can be replaced quickly and flexibly thanks to the unique clamping ring system. In addition, their wear protection system provides the necessary protection against abrasive media.

  • Dust removal and exhaust air

In many industries, production processes generate unwanted by-products such as dust, vapors or mists. These are usually harmful to machines, people and the environment, or can even be explosive and dangerous. It is therefore important to remove them as efficiently and safely as possible. The modular pipe system from JACOB offers numerous options for the reliable removal of dust, vapors and mists that meet the highest requirements.

JACOB pipe systems
  • Low pressure conveying

This special type of conveying is mainly used where bulk materials, such as powder or granulates, have to be transported over longer distances. For this purpose, the piping system must have high tightness and stability to avoid pressure drop or waste of expensive raw materials. Jacob pipe systems offer maximum reliability for these requirements.

JACOB catalogs and planning tools

JACOB pipe systems

JACOB catalogue 2023

JACOB's new catalog is now available with updated content and an expanded product range. The new JACOB product catalog will come into effect simultaneously in all European countries in the first half of 2022. The previous catalogs are hereby cancelled.

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JACOB pipe systems


In pipe systems, it is often necessary to dampen oscillations and vibrations and vibrations and to decouple individual parts of a system from each other.

To achieve the best possible performance, JACOB and BFM® have combined their respective systems into one product.

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JACOB pipe systems

HU exclusive: JACOB IMEX module catalogue

Only in Hungarian and only available for the Hungarian market: Our online product catalog for Jacob standard applications.

Use this system to create a parts list, which you can send to us automatically.

We will then provide you with a quote for the products you need.

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