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coarse filter

coarse filter

Synthetic filter mats

Synthetic filter mats consist of a progressively structured fiber-based polyester filter medium.

The individual fibers are consolidated by thermobonding and/or needling. Chemical binders, which often provide a breeding ground for microorganisms, are not used. The progressive structure ensures depth filtration and thus a long service life with low pressure loss.

Coarse dust filter mats (ISO Coarse) are intended for multiple use. Regeneration can be done by mechanical cleaning or by washing out, but due to the structure, the same purity is not achieved as with a new product.

Fine dust filter mats (ISO ePM10) are intended for one-time use. Cleaning is not possible. We also offer in our assortment special high-performance filter mats for final filtration of the supply air of paint shops with smoothed clean air side or applied support fabric.

All our filter mats are silicone-free and can therefore be used in paint shops.

coarse filter
Fan Coil Filter Elements

Fan coil filter elements can be offered in an extensive range, suitable for most terminal devices on the market. Typically, fan coil filter elements are found in small ventilation units and door air curtain systems.

Fan Coil Filter Cartridge
Intrinsically stable construction of a synthetic filter medium, open-pored PU foam, or multilayer polypropylene filter fabric enclosed in a frame of galvanized sheet metal with a wire support grid. 

Fan Coil Filter Bag
2-ply filter bag mounted on a wire frame made of galvanized metal or stainless steel. The sewn filter bag is cut to the desired dimensions or available in roll form.

coarse filter

Knitted metal filter cells

Knitted metal filters are mainly used as grease separators in kitchens or for separating oil vapors. Knitted metal filter cells are characterized by their high thermal and chemical resistance. They can be reused several times by washing them out.
Depending on the requirements, various types made of different materials and special construction are available. All types consist of a multi-layer knitted metal filter medium, which is protected on both sides by a metal grid and is permanently connected to the outer frame.


  • Aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel
  • Flat or corrugated filter media 
coarse filter

Filter cells

Filter cells are an alternative to filter mats and in some cases to coarse dust bag filters. Fiberglass or synthetic media are used as filter media. In addition, various frame materials can be used, such as moisture-resistant cardboard, galvanized metal or plastic.

We offer the following models of filter cells:

  • V-shaped folded filter media with metal support grid and metal frame
  • Synthetic medium enclosed in frame with flat surface; cardboard or metal frame

High temperature versions are available on request.

coarse filter

Z-Line filter cells

Z-line filter cells differ from panel filter cells in their pleated filter medium. To achieve a larger filtration area and greater dust holding capacity with the same installation depth, the filter medium is pleated in a Z-shape. The pleats are created with predetermined radii and kept at a defined distance. This ensures uniform distribution of the air flow over the entire inflow surface. Permanent fixation of the pleated edges is ensured by fused-on sorting strips or cardboard sorting teeth This pleating increases the filter area by a factor of 2 - 5 (depending on the depth of the filters).

Filter cells with pleated filter media therefore show far better performance than filter cells with planar filter media.

The product is built with cardboard frames as standard, but is also available with polyester, plastic, or metal frames.

coarse filter

Synthetic pocket filter for coarse dust

Filter bags made of synthetic filter media are used as coarse and fine dust filters in all types of room air filtration systems. Depending on the application, they are used as prefilters or main filters.
Excellent filtration properties are achieved by using progressively structured depth filter media.

Product Features:

  • Fiber based filter media
  • High dust holding capacity, low pressure drop
  • Waisted welded single pockets
  • Single frame construction made of galvanized metal or plastic
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