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Hydraulic filters

Hydraulic filters
Replacement hydraulic filter cartridges

(suction baskets, filter cartridges, screw-in cartridges, breather filters)
The dynamic development of hydraulics naturally also required increasingly precise control units, such as servo and proportional valves. These precise control units, as well as precisely operating pumps, pistons and hydraulic motors, require a very clean energy transfer medium: a clean hydraulic fluid.

Filter media, whether cartridge or spin-on filters, that are designed for the appropriate pressure and have the necessary filtration characteristics to achieve the required cleanliness class and adequate dirt pickup, play a key role in ensuring this cleanliness.

Our company is able to identify and supply most common hydraulic filters used in construction equipment, regardless of which branch of the hydraulic system they are located in, be it a suction strainer or a tank vent filter. We mainly offer Filtrec, Donaldson, Mann+Hummel and HIFI brand products.

Hydraulic filters
Complete hydraulic filters and components

The staff of IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. is ready to assist you should a filtration problem occur in the hydraulic application of a mobile application. By analyzing the exact installation location, filtration fineness, pump capacity and the medium to be filtered, we are able to find the right filter for your application.
Of course, we are also happy to advise you on filtration challenges in the case of new designs and hydraulic systems.
Whether it's a suction, pressure or return filter (or a combination of these), bypass filtration or any other hydraulic system addition (level indicators, breather filters, inlets, suction baskets or clogging indicators, etc.), take advantage of our experience and product breadth to source all elements from a single source.
We supply Filtrec and Donaldson hydraulic filters and components for mobile hydraulic applications.

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