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Oil filter

Oil filter
Replacement oil filters

(inserts, screw-in cartridges, in-line filters)
We offer almost all common filter cartridges and screw-on elements.
The structure, filter media, compressive strength, filter area, and pollutant-holding capacity of filters can vary.
Most engine oil filters have a bypass or bypass valve. This valve opens automatically when the oil filter is clogged and the required amount of oil can no longer pass through the filter. After the valve opens, unfiltered oil flows into the engine to the lubrication and sliding points. This must be prevented. It is therefore very important that the oil filter has sufficient dirt-holding capacity and that the bypass valve does not open between two oil changes. Only oil that is free of any harmful components may reach the lubrication points! This is where the quality oil filter differs from the cheap product. The quality oil filter has enough dirt holding capacity due to sufficient filter surface, so that the bypass valve does not open from oil change to oil change. Whether it is a screw-on element with metal housing or a spin-on filter cartridge.
We sell Donaldson, MANN+Hummel and HIFI lube oil filters.

Oil centrifuges, bypass filters

In certain applications, engine manufacturers use a bypass filter to filter the engine oil particularly finely. As the name suggests, these filters are installed in a bypass circuit and are very effective in filtering a smaller part of the oil particularly finely. Bypass filters do not have a bypass valve, as the flow of oil through the main filter is guaranteed at all times, whether filtered or unfiltered. Bypass filters have the potential to extend engine oil life, which is especially important for engines operating in high dust concentration environments.
Similar to bypass filtration, the main circuit filters can also be additionally relieved by the use of an oil centrifuge. Oil centrifuges are mainly used to remove soot particles from the oil.
These devices can also be retrofitted at any time if the application requires it.

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