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spray-paint cabins

spray-paint cabins

Glass fiber filter mats

Glass fiber filter mats consist of a glass fiber spun from randomly arranged glass fibers in a shape-elastic fiber structure. They are characterized by an optimum ratio of fiber structure, fiber diameter and basis weight.
Glass fiber mats have a progressive structure. The entire depth of the filter medium is available for ink mist/dust retention. Low compressibility prevents compression of the filter mat in the loaded state.

Filter mats specially designed for the separation of dry dusts. The filter mats are equipped with an antibacterial dust binder.

Filter mats specially designed to separate paint mist. Paint-Stop filter mats are silicone-free and are used to protect against paint deposits in ventilation ducts and on motors and fans.

spray-paint cabins

Paper folding filter elements

Paper pleat filter elements work according to the principle of centrifugal separation. The air flow is strongly deflected several times in the "pleat labyrinth". The ink particles settle outside the air stream in the settling chambers. This keeps the path clear for the air stream and significantly increases the service life of the filter.

The advantage of these filters lies in the 3-5 times greater storage capacity compared to conventional filter mats and the possibility to install them both vertically and horizontally.

The folded filters are made of recycled cardboard and are only pulled apart to the desired size during installation. Transport and storage costs are therefore very low.

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