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Cleanliness class Management

With its cleanliness cabinets, IMEX Filtertechnika ensures technical cleanliness tests according to VDA 19 or ISO 16232. The systems sold by IMEX are suitable for high pressure rinsing, ultrasonic rinsing and test bench. The systems can be operated with solvents, on water mode or also with ionized air. IMEX cleanliness management offers a complete solution from laboratory planning by the HVAC department to the optimal extraction plant.

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Cross Flow

The filtration challenges of the food and beverage industry have been a specialty of the IMEX Filtertechnik Group for many years. We are a reliable partner at all stages of production - from raw material purification and preparation to final production and filling. Membrane filtration is used, for example, to solve complex requirements in the manufacturing process. such as the concentration of a product solution in the pharmaceutical or food sector. The technical solution required the circulation of the solution with up to 360m3/h and high flow rates over a filter area of more than 28m2 as well as the connection of the plant to the company's own process control system.

IMEX Filtertechnik realizes turnkey projects from planning and installation to training and commissioning.



Automatic filter

Oil, sun or water - the search for fuel for the future is changing. Petroleum should be replaced today rather than tomorrow. Electric or hydrogen drives will provide the mobility of the future in many areas, but it will not be possible to do without combustion engines everywhere, especially in the transport of goods. Bio-ethanol from starchy plants and cellulosic biomass is therefore important.  

Our client operates the largest ethanol plant in Europe, one of the most efficient refineries in the world, producing numerous nutritional, health, biochemical and fuel bioproducts as alternatives to fossil materials.

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Water treatment

Pure water is of great importance in an incredible number of production areas. The spectrum is very extensive and ranges from the treatment of city water for food production to hot water disinfection and ultra-pure water with low conductivity for the production of components in various industries.

Depending on the requirements, different filter technologies are combined to form individual systems. Activated carbon filters, backwash filters, cartridge filters, softening systems, osmosis systems and UV disinfection are just some of the technologies used in water treatment.

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Coalescer L/G

Natural gas gathering systems deliver large volumes of gas via pipelines to the central inlet of the gas processing plant. Removal of solid impurities and free liquids in the inlet gas is critical to the downstream process.
Raw natural gas must be purified to meet quality standards set by major pipeline transportation and distribution companies. These quality standards vary from pipeline to pipeline and usually depend on the design of the pipeline system and the markets it serves.
We have years of experience with petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, large-scale storage facilities, storage terminals, offshore platforms, manufacturing plants and many other industrial applications.

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