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High-tech products require high-tech plant engineering and stable peripheral technology

High-tech products require high-tech plant engineering and stable peripheral technology

Prec-Cast Kft. is the largest site of the renowned German Wolf Group and is located 250 km from Budapest, near the Tokaj wine region, directly on the Hungarian-Slovakian border. The Hungarian Prec-Cast has been part of the group for decades and has become a central and increasingly important location in Eastern Europe due to the continuous expansion of the European Union. Since its foundation in 1989, the plant has been continuously expanded with new halls and facilities.

Thanks to the incessant transfer of innovations with the Regensburg parent plant, Prec-Cast has increasingly developed into an independent production plant. As a result, the Hungarian location is considered an important partner of the Eastern European automotive and electrical industries.

From 2013, the production area was once again significantly expanded and new capacities were created. Since 2014, large die casting machines have been running at this site for the mass production of powertrain and structural castings and other non-automotive products.

As part of a structural components project for a renowned German OEM, one of the most modern production lines in Europe has been created. The goals of this project were lean production, small buffer volumes, fast cycle and throughput times, and high line availability. The components are heat treated, ground, straightened, CNC machined, and 100% measured and riveted in the process chain. Thermal post-treatment takes place in a fully automated production island. When grinding aluminum parts, extremely high demands are placed on ATEX (explosion protection) and environmental protection. The goal was to achieve an uptime of 95% or more for the entire plant.

For this challenging project task IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. was the first and clear choice of RDW / Prec-Cast Kft.
"From the first project discussion to the complete implementation, we had a technically very experienced negotiating partner directly on site. This made it possible to obtain a modern plant for our project directly from Hungary. The requirements for the plant technology were enormous and were fulfilled by IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. to our fullest satisfaction," explains project manager Tobias Köhler

A continuous extraction rate of at least V 2200 m³/h was required at each extraction point, with a pressure of Ʌp -850 PA and an air velocity of min 20 m/s. The extraction volume and extraction points vary greatly in the process.
IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. undertook the complete piping project, in which a multidirectional piping system was developed. This ensured an air velocity of 20 m/s on all pipe sections and in all operating conditions.
The piping was installed with innovative JACOB systems that meet all ATEX requirements.

The filter technology used meets the latest technological requirements and strict emission limits. In terms of environmental technology, the plant is equipped with sound insulation and, in the interests of climate protection, with heat recovery in winter operation.
The outdoor installation also placed increased demands on fire and lightning protection as well as environmental protection. The system is divided into two grounding zones to prevent surges in the hall in the event of a lightning strike.

The control unit of the plant is located in the hall. The entire process, including remote monitoring, can be directly controlled and monitored. The equipment is directly connected to the production island via interfaces and the equipment status is directly visualized to the employee. As a special innovation, the most important main lines are equipped with a special switch control so that production can continue even in the event of a system failure.
"Overall, IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. was a reliable, innovative and professional partner."
Tobias Köhler, Project Management

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